we now offer niagara glen delivery for boulder pads!

Practicing Safe Sends is vital


How does it work?

Renting crash pads is easy as 1, 2, SEND!

1. Choose the crash pads you want from our selection. Add to cart.

2. Choose any accessories you'll need to go along with it.

3. When you check out, you'll be asked to leave a copy of your ID and a deposit. Don't worry! You'll get this back when you return the pad.

4. Once we have your order, come visit us in St. Catharines and pick up your pads. For an extra fee, we can even meet you at the glen.

5. When you're done, return them to us, and we'll refund your deposit.

6. Tell your friends.

COVID Responsibilities

COVID isn't going anywhere. That's why we are here to ensure that your sendage is safe. Every single mat is disinfected and cleaned before it goes back out to you, our customer. After all, nobody wants anyone else's sloppy seconds.