Rental Agreement


We know it’s boring, but this contract contains information that is pertinent to your responsibilities. Read it, understand it, ask us questions, print it out and complete it when you are ready.

Safe Sends Rental Agreement:

    All renters must have a valid form of I.D. (driver’s license, health card, birth certificate, passport).
    All reservations must be aid in full at time of reservation.

3.No refunds are given for gear that is not picked up and gear that is rented but not used. Any exceptions made are at the sole discretion of Safe Sends.

4.Equipment must be returned clean and dry, or a cleaning fee will be charged. There is a hose near the bouldering crate. Use it to wash down your mat upon return.

5.Equipment is due on the date/time stated in the rental contract. Late fees are equal to the daily rate for the equipment rented and continue to accrue without limit until the equipment is returned.

6.The renter assumes sole liability for any injuries or damages sustained by him/her and/or to others while using this equipment. Any claim about the unsuitability of the rented equipment is limited solely to the refund of the rental fee.

7.The renter is solely responsible for any damages, loss or theft of the equipment. Renters will forfeit their deposit if the mat is not returned for any reason.

8.The renter agrees that the rental equipment is rented in an “AS IS” condition; and has the responsibility to examine the equipment prior to accepting it. Renters should check equipment upon receiving it to makes sure it is in good working order and all the pieces are present. I understand that sports and activities such as, but not limited to, backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing, snowshoeing, skiing and others sports (collectively RECREATIONAL OUTDOOR SPORTS) involve inherent and other risks of INJURY AND DEATH. I voluntarily agree to expressly assume all risks of injury or death that may result from participation in these RECREATIONAL OUTDOOR SPORTS, or which relate in any way to the use and transportation of this equipment.

In consideration of the equipment furnished to me, I hereby release Safe Sends and any personnel of either from all liability for injury and/or accident that may occur while this equipment is rented to me. I assume all risks. I understand that I am to examine the equipment for fault and malfunction before its use. Further, I understand I am solely responsible for the proper care and handling of the equipment rented to me and for the conduct of those persons using the equipment while rented to me. I assume all responsibility for damage, loss or theft of rental equipment incurred during the rental period and/or while transporting, loading, unloading, or through negligent use. I agree to pay for all repairs or replacement of the equipment damaged or lost under such conditions. I also agree that if such damage or late fines are not paid upon returning the equipment and need to be collected by Safe Sends then I forfeit my deposit. Finally, I accept that the Safe Sends is not responsible for any of my personal equipment which may be damaged as a result of the rental equipment and that their insurance does not cover my losses.