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Military Green

Looking good while sending is 70% of sending, isn't it? This 60/40 blend women's climbing t-shirt is comfortable and lightweight making it excellent for high-intensity sending in both summer and winter.

And we've tested our shirts climbing in 25-degree heat, so we can confidently say they'll perform. 


  • Fabric: Lightweight Cotton Poly Jersey
  • 60% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton 40% Polyester / 30 singles, 135 grams/4.0oz
  • Neck: Tank Top
  • Binding: self-fabric binding. Side seamed. curved hem.

What's This Climbing Shirt Made Of and Why Is That Important?

Our shirts are a cotton/polyester blend, and it's important because climbing is a high-intensity activity. Have you ever tried to climb in a shirt that's 100% cotton? Did you get sweaty and sticky within the first 30-minutes of climbing? That's because cotton is a terrible fabric for wicking away sweat. Cotton is quite good at keeping your body heat close to you, so if you're climbing in winter - that's when you might want a bit of cotton. Polyester is a better material for getting sweat away from your body, and keeping you cool.

So, these shirts are a roughly even blend. You can wear it climbing without overheating, and you can wear it underneath your jacket climbing in winter for a bit of warmth.

What is Combed, Ring Spun Cotton?

Well, essentially, it's a more refined type of cotton than the regular stuff. It feels softer, smoother and a bit stretchier than your typical cotton. Ring-spun cotton CAN shrink a bit more than regular cotton, so don't wash in super hot heat.