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When you're pushing your limits on the rock or wall, you need climbing gear that you can rely on. Metolius Climbing Finger Tape is the perfect addition to any climber's arsenal. Made from a cotton polyester blend, this athletic tape is designed to provide maximum support and comfort while you climb.


  • Two ½" (13 mm) rolls
  • Colors: blue, lime green, gold and pink

To ensure that you get the most out of your Metolius Climbing Finger Tape, each package includes illustrated, step-by-step taping instructions. And if you need further guidance, there are video links available for taping for split finger tips.

With two ½" (13 mm) rolls of tape in each package, you'll have plenty of tape to last you through your toughest climbs.

Choose Metolius Climbing Finger Tape and take your climbing to the next level. With its superior support, and easy-to-follow instructions, Metolius Climbing Finger Tape is the perfect choice for climbers who demand the best.