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We now offer the Niagara Glen Bouldering Guide! This book is chock full of hundreds of problems, hand-drawn maps, GPS coordinates, pages for notes/beta, tick lists, art, photography, history and detailed descriptions. It’s everything you wanted in a guidebook and more!

Do I Need a Niagara Glen Guidebook?

We highly recommend it. It’s easy to get lost in the glen – it’s massive! It’s easier to use the book than it is to wander around the glen searching for chalk marks and routes. As an additional plus, you’re also supporting the creators of the book and the community that you’re a part of.

Do I Need to Ship this Book or Pick it Up?

Whichever you prefer! If you want to pick up the guidebook when you pick up your pads, we’ll have it ready for you. If you want us to ship it to you, pick the shipping option. It’s wicked simple.

How Often is it Updated?

As you know, Mother Nature sometimes does a route reset when holds fall off, become polished or the landscape changes. The authors of this book provide updates on a regular basis, so you can be sure that you’ll receive the most up-to-date information on the Niagara Glen.